About EOS

Investment strategy and portfolio management

Investment Strategy

We are potentially interested in all types of Russian energy/power companies, including vertically integrated utilities, thermal and hydro generation companies, distribution companies, transmission companies, service companies, supply companies, utility asset construction companies and equipment suppliers to the utility companies. Prospective investments are analyzed and considered, based on the best perceived relative value and other market impacting factors. For the latest update and a more specific explanation of the current investment strategy, please see Investment case.

EOS aims to be fully invested at any given time, providing thus with continuous and constant full equity exposure to the stock market and the Russian energy/power company sector.

The larger the size of EOS’ capital base, the better EOS can influence the on-going developments in the Russian power sector in general and in the underlying companies in particular.  Therefore, the size of our capital base plays an important role in our investment strategy, and the opportunities offered by it are taken into consideration in the investment decisions.

While the portfolio is principally financed by equity, and while we consider the use of external borrowing unlikely in the short- to medium-term, we do not fully close the door to it. More specifically, EOS may theoretically borrow externally up to 40% of its net asset value to finance specific situations. The Board of EOS AB may set limits on the leverage that are lower than the theoretical maximum.

The Personnel and Implementation

The BoD of EOS Cyprus makes investment and divestment decisions in Cyprus, based on the recommendations of the Portfolio Advisor, and in agreement with him. The decisions are executed by the authorized EOS Cyprus individuals.