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About EOS

The Board of Directors

Seppo Remes, Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board since 2007

Finnish citizen, born 1955. Mr. Remes is a co-founder of EOS Russia AB and currently serves as the chairman of the board of directors in the company.  He has served as a board member of several Russian companies, such as UES of Russia, Sibur Holding, Rosseti, Rusnano and OMG. Mr. Remes also is a board member of the Investor Professional Association (IPA) (Russia).

He holds a licentiate degree in Economics from Turku School of Economics (Finland) and is also Honorary Doctor at the same institution.

Mr. Remes has 305,000 shares in EOS Russia AB.

Dependent in relation to the company. Independent in relation to company management and major shareholders.


Christopher Granville, Board Member since 2011

UK citizen, born 1963. Mr. Granville is a member of the Board of Directors of EOS AB. Mr. Granville is a Board Director and Managing Director of Trusted Sources, an independent investment research firm specializing in emerging market countries. Mr. Granville is a member of the Investment Committee of Olma Private Equity Fund.

Previously, Mr. Granville was a Partner at United Financial Group (UFG), where he worked as Chief Strategist from 2000 to 2006.

He holds a MA in Modern History & Modern Languages from Oxford University (UK).

Mr. Granville does not own shares in EOS Russia AB.

Independent in relation to the company, company management and major shareholders.


Johan Elmquist, Board Member since 2020

Swedish citizen born 1967. Johan Elmquist has a long and broad experience within financial markets. He has been working as equity analyst, portfolio manager, sales and consultant. He joined Alfred Berg, the Nordic Investment Bank, in 1991 where he worked for ten years in different positions. Johan was based at the Alfred Berg Moscow office 1995-97 as utilities analyst and launched the Alfred Berg Russian funds in 1998. He worked at HQ Bank Emerging Markets 2006-07 and was managing Russian equities with Swedbank Robur 2007-2011 before launching Tundra Fonder in September 2011 until 2017. He was responsible for marketing and communication at Didner & Gerge between 2018-2020. He has also worked at KMPG and T. Rowe Price. Johan is currently product specialist at Coeli Global Selektiv.

Mr. Elmquist holds 0 shares in EOS Russia AB.

Independent in relation to the Company, the company management and major shareholders.